The back lanes of Glasgow and the refurbishment of high street shops and other business premises continues to reveal interesting and frequently beautiful old signs in all areas of Glasgow. One of my favourites in this collection is the ‘Dress Up’ fancy dress shop in Finnieston, revealed by building work for a few weeks before being covered up again for who knows how long.


As well as hand-painted ghost signs, in this book I’ve included some more modern shop signs, interesting, amusing or nicely designed examples of local shop art such as the ‘Eat It ‘n’ Beat It’ fast food shop in Dennistoun or the ‘Insist on the Citizen’ sign in Victoria Road, a reminder of a long-gone Glasgow evening newspaper.


Although mainly concerned with Glasgow ghost and shop signs, I have also included one BBC ghost sign from Edinburgh, simply because it’s so rare and unusual.


Many of the ghost signs here are fairly legible, often the result of being covered and protected by new signs, some however are very faded and fragmented with only a few letters recognisable, even these have a certain impressionist beauty to and I’ve included one on the last page.

Ghost Signs of Glasgow 2

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