Glasgow has a rich architectural heritage and many important buildings such as head offices, hotels, railway stations and public buildings are finished off with sculpture, stained glass, tiles and other decoration. 

Sometimes going unnoticed are quite modest buildings, many outwith the city centre which also feature attractive finishing touches, these additions to local banks, commercial premises and houses weren’t really necessary but they showed a pride in the business or building.


Glasgow cathedrals and churches feature some breathtaking examples of stained glass, however the modest tenement in many parts of the city have also benefited from the stained glass makers art, especially the Hyndland and Woodlands area of the city.


For a time, hand-painted signs on shops, pubs and cafés fell out of favour, replaced by mass produced, soulless plastic and vinyl lettering, this seems to changing and businesses now appreciate the character that a hand-painted sign brings to a business.


In addition, many business owners refurbishing a shop front are retaining the revealed old lettering as a feature and there are some excellent examples of ‘ghost’ signs in the Finnieston area of Glasgow.

The Finishing Touch: stained glass and hand-painted signs

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